Tina Stifel

Office Manager

P: (515) 242-8438 | E:


HI!  I'm Tina Stifel-I am the Office Manager here at Walnut Street School-  I have been with the Des Moines School district for 23 yrs.  I started out with DMPS in 1996 working in the cafeteria as a General Worker at Park Ave. Elementary school.  I worked that position for 4-5 yrs.  I decided to find other employment outside DMPS and was gone for 8 months than thought better of my decision and came back to Park Avenue as a SPED Teacher Associate.  I worked that position for 6 yrs then decided it was time for another change and moved to the Office Attendance Clerk with Park Avenue for another 6 yrs.  Once again, time for a change.  I landed here at Walnut Street School  at the end of the 2012-2013 school year and have been here ever since.  I have made many connections with students and parents alike and cannot see myself in any other roll.