Save the Dates- Beginning of School Year Information

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Tours: Thursday, August 18th @ 5:00PM (meet outside by the playground/picnic tables) OR Friday, August 19th @ 12:00PM (meet outside by the playground/picnic tables)

Come in for a tour of Walnut Street School! We will be offering two options to come take a tour of the building. Tours will include explaining all the logistics of our school and answering any questions you have. Tours typically take 30ish minutes and will be led by the principal, Amy Laug and other support staff.

Kindergarten Welcome and Drop off Supplies; Monday, August 22nd @ 3:00pm (2nd floor)

ALL supplies will be community supplies. No names are needed on supplies. Classroom teachers won’t be assigned to kindergarteners until Thursday, September 1st. Kindergarteners and their families will get to know the building and all teachers before we make decisions on assignments. More information to come!

**Supply lists will be sent out soon and uploaded on the website.

First day of School: Wednesday, August 24th; 7:45 am

This will be the first day of school for all of WSS (with the exception to Pre-K). Though the kindergarteners won’t have an “assigned teacher”, everything else will be as normal as it can be.

A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner ; Thursday, September 1st; 7:45 am

Kindergarten families are encouraged to join their kindergartener for the morning at school. Please enjoy a light breakfast with your child, presentation from building leaders of additional information and most importantly find out who your child’s kindergarten teacher is! More information to come!


Our kindergarten teachers need a day to plan and organize. 1st through 5th grade will STILL come to school.

Assigned Classrooms Begin for Kindergarten; Tuesday, September 6th

Students will begin their day in assigned classrooms.

As always, if you have any questions or need more clarification, feel free to message/call the following ways:

SchoolCNXT: Mariah Button, Community School Coordinator


Phone: 507-213-9633

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