Kids Heart Challenge


Dear WSS family,   

I’m excited to share with you that Kids Heart Challenge is coming to our school soon. We need your help! We are doing a grade level challenge this year, and the grade that has the most students register online and take a heart healthy challenge (which is free) will win a $25 Amazon gift card for each classroom teacher! We need your shirt sizes so that we can get your Kids Heart Challenge shirt to help promote the program.

You can help by encouraging students to go online at where they can join our school team, collect donations, make a pledge to be more heart healthy, and earn a free wristband. Our goal is to have 100% of our students taking their heart healthy challenge online! Please remind your students and families to take their challenge and become a Heart Hero! As a bonus, our school will earn FREE PE equipment from the American Heart Association.  

The challenge will last two weeks, starting on February 8th. Students can sign up now but will not receive prizes until we start.

Thank you for your support! 

Ramel Lane

PE K-5

Walnut Street School

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